The Lilt Memory also contains an extensive terminology editor. You can import terminology files, edit terms and search for terms in the termbase editor and in the lexicon while you are working on a translation project.

Import a Termbase

Lilt allows you to import terminology files into a Memory. Simply use the same IMPORT button in the Edit Memory dialog that you use to upload TM files. The supported formats are TBX, CSV, TSV, or XLSX. For the latter formats, the first two columns have to be the source and target language terms. If the first row contains a header or your file has metadata (e.g. TBX), don't forget to set the check mark next to TB file with header row/metadata.

Further columns and fields can be assigned to corresponding fields in Lilt. For this, you need to define a schema in your Lilt Termbase first. Add fields on the right hand side by entering a field name, selecting the field type (Text, Checkbox, URL) and finally pressing the + button. Then you can click on Edit Schema and assign the fields from the imported file to fields in the Lilt Termbase.

Assign Schema

Edit Termbase

You can manually edit the contents of your Termbase by clicking on Edit Termbase in the menu on the left. This will open an editor interface where you can add new entries, or update existing entries and their meta data:

Edit Termbase

Termbase Demo

Watch a recorded live demo of terminology management in Lilt for further reference:

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Last updated on 22nd April 2019