Lilt is cloud-based software, meaning that you need only login with your browser. In order to log into your account, click on LOG IN in the top right corner, enter your e-mail address and password and then press the SIGN IN button.

Sign in

If you have signed up with a Google account, you only need to click Sign in with Google and then select your Google account that is associated with Lilt.

Although less common in the translation industry, cloud software is widely used in other knowledge-intensive fields such as the law and software engineering. Some benefits of cloud software are:

  • Platform independence -- Lilt runs on all major operating systems (including macOS). It also runs on both desktops and tablets.
  • Continuous feature releases -- Lilt is usually updated at least once per day.
  • Ease of support -- Real-time chat inside the application allows our team to solve issues with you in real-time.
  • Translation quality -- Lilt is tightly integrated with a machine translation system. Currently, large-scale MT systems cannot be run on the desktop.

Your data is secured by enterprise-grade security measures and is never shared with other users or third parties.

Browser Support

Lilt is tested on the last two versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (IE11 and Edge). Support for older browsers in unofficial. For security and performance reasons, we strongly recommend that you run the latest version of your preferred browser.

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Last updated on 12th May 2019