File Formats

Lilt supports import and export of the formats listed in the table below. Moreover, export to both plain text and XLIFF 1.2 is available for any import format (see Download your work). All translated and confirmed segments can also be exported in TMX format for each Memory. Supported translation memory formats are TMX and SDLTM.

Desktop Publishing Formats

Extension Format
docx, docm, dotx, dotm,
pptx, pptm, potx, potm, ppsx, ppsm,
xlsx, xlsm, xltx, xltm,
vsdx, vsdm
Microsoft Office 2007+
ods, ots, odg, otg, odp, otp, odt, ott OpenOffice / LibreOffice
pdf PDF (import only!)
idml, mif Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker

Microsoft Office The older file formats (doc, xls, and ppt) are not supported. To convert those files to the modern equivalents (docx, xlsx, and pptx), simply open and re-save each file with Office 2007+.

PDF files can only be imported as such and will be available for text export. Note also that PDF sometimes contains hard line breaks which can result in unfavorable segmentation. We suggest to either use the original file format, if available, or convert PDF to Word (there are lots of very good free tools for this) and translate that. Word can then save PDF again. In case you already started or even finished translating a PDF but require the original formatting, you can convert the PDF to Word and upload that to the same project. Exact matches from your PDF translation will then be autopropagated to this new document.

Text and Software Localization Formats

Extension Format
txt, csv, tsv Plain text, Comma- and Tab-separated Values
xml, htm, html, php XML, HTML, PHP
md Markdown
srt SubRip subtitle file
json Javascript Object Notation (JSON)
json+html Javascript Object Notation (JSON) with embedded HTML
yml, yaml YAML
strings iOS/Mac Strings
properties Java properties
wix, resx Windows installer XML, .NET resources
lang Skype language files
rdf Mozilla RDF
dita, ditamap DITA

Bilingual Formats

Extension Format
xlf, xliff XLIFF 1.2
mxlf, mxliff Memsource XLIFF (undocumented format)
mqxliff MemoQ XLIFF (undocumented format)
sdlxlf, sdlxliff SDLXLIFF (undocumented format)
txml Wordfast Pro TXML
ttx Trados Tag Editor

Translation Memory and Termbase

Extension Format
tmx, Translation Memory eXchange
sdltm SDL Trados Studio Translation Memory (import only)
tbx TermBase eXchange (import only)
tsv Tab-delimited text (import only)
csv Comma-delimited text (import only)
xlsx Microsoft Excel 2007+ (import only)

Maximum TMX file size: 200MB. For larger files, zip the TMX file and upload with the extension

For tsv, csv, and xlsx termbases, simply use a two-column format where the first column contains the terms in the source language and the second column the corresponding translations in the target language.


Extension Format
sdlppx SDL Trados Studio Project Package (import only)
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Last updated on 12th May 2019