Tags and Formatting

Lilt supports the import and export of formatted/tagged text. In the Editor, you will see tagged spans in the source text. Most font styles (e.g., bold, italic, underline, color) will be rendered. Other arbitrary tags may not be shown although they will be preserved. When you are working with a tagged source text, translate the text as usual.

Tags Rendering

When you export each document, Lilt will automatically insert the tags into the target text for you. This procedure is usually very accurate, but some mistakes may occur.

Tags show automatically after you confirm a segment and then click on the </> tags icon in the segment. Lilt will automatically place the tags for you. You can manipulate the tag placement if you find errors or want to make changes. Hover over a tag to see its type/content, drag and drop in order to edit the placement.


When you export the document, the tags will be as shown in the Tags view.

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Last updated on 22nd April 2019