Split and Merge

When you upload a document, Lilt segments the source text with a view toward maximizing machine translation quality. MT quality tends to degrade with sentence length, so Lilt prefers shorter segments. However, the segmenter may make mistakes. You can correct them manually by splitting and merging segments. Note though that merging across paragraph boundaries or hard line breaks is not possible. Secondly, if you wish to merge with confirmed segment(s), you need to first unconfirm the segment(s) in question

Click the Split Segment button at the right side of a source segment after opening the segment editing tools:

Split Segment

Then you can manually place split markers to divide the segment:

Split Segment Modal

For merging two neighboring segments, simply click on Merge with previous segment or Merge with next segment, if the option is available:

Merge Segment

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Last updated on 22nd April 2019