Quality Assurance

Lilt has tools and options to help you proofread your own translations or review other translators' work.

Automatic QA Checks

QA runs automatically after you confirm a segment. You can refresh it by clicking the QA button in each segment's toolbar or using the hotkey F7. To run the suite of automatic QA checks manually, click the Run QA option in the Tools menu on the header:

Run QA

If any possible issues are found, they will be highlighted in different colors.

  • red: spelling mistakes
  • yellow: grammar and punctuation mistakes
  • blue: stylistic mistakes/suggestions

Click on the highlighted words or phrases to see the found issue and suggestions for correction. After you have corrected the found mistakes, you can refresh the QA check to make sure there are none left.


You may also select Add to QA Rules to add a term to your set of rules (terms) that the automatic QA should recognize as correct.

The QA check integrates LanguageTool which is an open-source proof-reading tool for many languages that integrates community-based rules for spelling, grammar and style. You can browse the rules on their website, e.g. the English rules.

A few included example checks are (amongst many more!):

  • Misspellings
  • Doubled words
  • Doubled punctuation
  • Doubled whitespace
  • Leading/trailing whitespace
  • Missing/inserted numbers (both source and target)

Split view

Use the split view - a tabular, more compact layout of your document - for easier proofreading. You can toggle the split view in the View menu.


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Last updated on 22nd April 2019