The Editor allows you to add comments to segments. If you are the only translator of a given document, you can use the option to add notes, to-do lists, etc. If there are more translators, you can use comments as a space for discussion. The comments feature can be integrated with Slack.


You can leave comments for yourself, other translators, project managers, and reviewers by pressing the comment icon next to a segment. Comments are kept in a thread so that you can keep the history. They can be edited, deleted or resolved and contain clickable URLs, e.g. links to term definitions.

Comments Thread


Lilt is integrated with Slack, a collaboration tool for teams to connect in a common workspace, communicate via messages and share files and links with one another. This helps teams to stay coordinated and work faster. In a localization or translation setting, our Slack integration in Lilt can help you to:

  • share updates and information about a project with the entire team
  • share style guides with the entire team
  • share and resolve issues directly
  • ask questions directly to the client
  • discuss terminology
  • notify a PM, reviewer or client that work has finished
  • notify a translation team about new upcoming projects
  • just stay in touch

Connect Lilt with Slack

A connection with Slack can only be created by the master account in a business account. Other team members can then be added in Slack as usual.

  1. Open Account > Integrations > Add to Slack.
  2. Select the Slack team in the upper right corner and click Authorize. Select Slack team
  3. Select the desired channel when creating a new project or in the project settings which you can access by clicking on the info icon in the project card.

Select Slack channel for new project

Select Slack channel for project

Comments in Slack

Once the connection with Slack is done and a channel is selected for a project, comments from Lilt can be seen in Slack as well. A comment from Lilt always includes the project name, document name and segment number. You can click on each of them to get directly to the corresponding project, document or segment. You can either select a pre-defined answer from Slack (see the "Choose a response" drop-down) or comment in Lilt.

Select Slack channel for existing project

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Last updated on 22nd April 2019