Projects Status and Reports

The Lilt web app shows a couple of reports which can be generated via API as well - either by direct endpoints or programmatically by iterating over results.

Status reports

  • Project status: You can retrieve a project status report directly with one API request. The report includes overall progress and timings as well as statistics per translator.
  • Document status: To get a document status you need to iterate over all segments in the document and calculate the progress
    # Python; Note: This is just a stub
    def document_status(docid):
    payload = {"key": lilt_api_key, "id": docid}
    res = requests.get(lilt_api_url + "/documents", params=payload, verify=False)
    segments = res.json()["segments"]
    confirmed = 0
    for i, seg in enumerate(segments):
        if seg["is_confirmed"]:
            confirmed += 1
    return 100*(confirmed/i)

Size and leverage reports

  • Project: You can retrieve a project report including total word and segment counts, number of repetitions as well as a TM leverage statistics.
  • Document: To retrieve the same for a document you need to iterate over all segments in the document, translate them with rich=true to read information on TM matches and add the words or segment counts accordingly.

To learn more, see the full API reference.

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Last updated on 12th May 2019