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Scaling UiPath’s Global Reach with AI

LILT’s Connector-forward approach improves workflow automation and translation velocity
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UiPath needed an innovative partner who could use AI technology to deliver quality at scale.


LILT has helped UiPath upgrade its multilingual content strategy, translating more than 3 million words of key process documentation.


The modern enterprise runs on thousands of systems and databases. With so many systems and databases, errors, inefficiencies, and redundancies are unfortunately inevitable. Recognizing this challenge, UiPath seeks to apply the transformative power of Robotic Process Automation and AI to liberate boundless potential and accelerate human achievement. With their AI toolkit, UiPath empowers customers to streamline workflows, improving profitability, flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness. 

As the company continued to grow and expand, they realized that establishing a localization function internally would be necessary to optimize their global impact.

Why UiPath Chose LILT

Two years after UiPath’s localization department was established, the team realized it was time to take localization to the next level. To do so, they needed a strategic partner who could help them elevate quality and ultimately deliver larger volumes of better translation to stakeholders and customers. 

As a founding member of the UiPath localization team, Andrei Ciprian Stoian discovered LILT while researching potential localization partners. After the team’s evaluation, it was clear that “LILT was the most elegant and cost-effective technology solution,” Andrei affirmed. As a leader in AI themselves, UiPath aligned with LILT’s AI-driven approach and the results that LILT was able to deliver for their customers with state-of-the-art large language models.

A Scaled AI Content Strategy

Translation remains pivotal for UiPath’s expansive global reach, as the company has grown to serve more than 10,000 customers across more than 100 countries.

Localization is key for a product to reach its full potential. Giving users the option to use the product in their own native language empowers the growth and acceptance of a product and increases the users’ levels of trust and respect.

Andrei Ciprian Stoian

Senior Localization Program Manager at UiPath

For more than three years and counting, UiPath has partnered with LILT, translating more than 3 million words of critical process documentation into key languages for their global customers. Over this time, LILT’s Contextual AI has enabled a 1.7x decrease in turnaround time, even as content volumes have increased. 

Achieving this scale and speed without sacrificing quality has been made possible by LILT’s innovative Contextual AI Engine. To deliver Verified Translation, UiPath documents are translated by skilled linguists in the LILT Contextual AI Platform. As they work, the linguist feedback trains UiPath’s unique large language models in real time to enable continuous learning, delivering improved quality and speed over time.

Seamless AI Integration

UiPath champions the power of automation and efficiency, delivering these benefits to their customers every day. As a result, they expect the same from their Connector-forward workflow with LILT. 

To streamline UiPath’s multilingual content development, LILT was able to directly integrate with their existing translation management system (TMS) without adding any change management burden to the team. Now, the localization team at UiPath can send content for translation in a matter of clicks, eliminating redundancies and manual steps in their process.

LILT enabled us to reduce the impact of migration from one system to another by connecting to our TMS. Everything was seamless and fast with no impact to users.

Andrei Ciprian Stoian

Senior Localization Program Manager at UiPath

What is Next for the Future of Localization?

As UiPath continues its partnership with LILT, creating high-quality multilingual content, Andrei envisions the future of localization as a symbiosis between AI and humans. He foresees a continued shift toward AI translation across content types, as large language model training continues to develop and improve. 

However, Andrei does not believe that AI will eliminate humans from translating altogether. In fact, he believes that this shift further highlights unique human skill sets: “I believe that the impact of human translation will gain importance, especially when it comes to adapting marketing and product strategy to a new target region and country.”

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