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The INKEY List Builds a Multilingual Shopify Experience with Contextual AI

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Health and Beauty


Health and Beauty


Needed a translation partner to support their global expansion and streamline their multilingual workflow in Shopify.


LILT has partnered with The INKEY List to translate their Shopify store and customer collateral (including customer reviews, product listings, and promotions) with top quality and rapid speed.


eCommerce has gone global. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, customers have never been more likely to buy something from another country. In fact, when surveyed, 57% of online shoppers said they currently shop internationally. While this presents an enormous opportunity for retailers, building a meaningful, personalized experience to connect with global customers is no small feat. To build trust with a customer base across borders and ultimately maximize conversion, it is essential to have a dynamic localized store experience that can be kept up to date with the latest products and offers across regions. 

When it comes to skincare, The INKEY List has shown that high-quality products have no boundaries, as the global beauty disrupter has become a go-to for accessible, cruelty-free skincare products for customers around the world. Their commitment to empowering customers with the knowledge necessary to make the best decisions about their skincare is core to their business. 

Why The INKEY List Chose LILT

To create an accessible and empowering customer experience, it was important for The INKEY List team to be able to reach customers in their preferred language. To keep pace with their continued growth and success as a company, finding a translation partner who could work closely with them to develop a smooth workflow integrated directly with their Shopify store was crucial.

With an AI-driven approach and native Shopify integration, LILT, the leading AI solution for enterprise translation and content creation, was the perfect choice to support The INKEY List’s rapid expansion.

Dynamic Shopify integration

Directly integrated into the Shopify user experience, the LILT-Shopify Connector enables customers to seamlessly translate their store into multiple languages powered by Contextual AI with human quality controls. Once content is ready to be translated, The INKEY List team can send it to LILT in a matter of clicks for Verified Translation (Contextual AI-driven translation with a human quality guarantee) or Instant Translation (brand-specific machine translation) in seconds.

For Verified Translation, skilled LILT linguists work in the Contextual AI Platform to translate content, providing feedback in response to prompted translation suggestions. This feedback trains The INKEY List’s bespoke Contextual AI Engine in real time, enabling brand-specific and higher velocity translation over time. Once content has been translated and reviewed, the final translation is sent back into The INKEY List’s Shopify instance for quick publishing.

Throughout the process, The INKEY List team can ensure that project timelines are in line with their team’s content calendar, by tracking the progress of translation projects directly in the Connector and receiving instant updates in Slack when their translated content is ready. This streamlined, user-friendly workflow allows the team to skip the redundant, manual steps of legacy translation workflows, saving them valuable time.

We have been using the LILT Connector for approximately a year now and find its interface very user-friendly and self-serve. It’s easy to pinpoint certain areas of Shopify to translate, whether that’s the current live storefront theme, specific products and collections, or menu items in minutes. You’re able to see the status of translation orders in the main dashboard, and we find the Slack integrations particularly useful to notify us when an order is ready to import.

Jo Melville

Senior E-Commerce Manager, The INKEY List

Rapid translations for new product launches

As any eCommerce professional will tell you, high-impact eCommerce teams need to be agile. In a constantly changing field, managing time-sensitive marketing campaigns, new product launches, and seasonal promotions, it is crucial to be able to move quickly. For content types in which time is the top priority, LILT Instant Translation offers a great solution for the team.

By choosing the Instant Translation option in the Connector, The INKEY List can translate promotions, offers, and new customer reviews, written in English, into German with their bespoke Contextual AI Engine. Trained on past linguist feedback and company-specific terminology, LILT Instant Translation delivers highly accurate, brand-specific translation in a flash.

In eCommerce, lost time can mean lost opportunities to tell your story to customers. Instant Translation has enabled The INKEY List team to unlock global revenue with a high-velocity and dynamic translation approach based on their content needs.

Team Support

While the LILT-Shopify Connector provides a self-service interface directly integrated with The INKEY List’s Shopify store, the team also values the direct support and thought leadership they receive from their dedicated LILT account team. Having access to experts with extensive AI and localization industry experience has proven invaluable, as the two teams have worked together to create and manage a strategy to achieve their ambitious translation goals. In addition to translating content for the German Shopify store, LILT has delivered multilingual product packaging within rapid turnaround times to ensure that The INKEY List can stock their products in stores globally.

Looking ahead, The INKEY List is excited to continue to amplify its reach and disrupt the global skincare business, continuing to build a dynamic, multilingual eCommerce experience in partnership with LILT.

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