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Accroître la portée du NWS grâce à la traduction adaptative et optimisée par l'IA

Le moteur d'IA contextuelle de Lilt améliore les performances des traductions pour le NWS en cas d'alertes météorologiques vitales



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Pourquoi Lilt ?

NWS avait besoin d'un partenaire innovant pour accroître l'efficacité de la traduction


Des traductions très précises en quelques minutes plutôt qu'en quelques jours

Le défi du National Weather Service (Service météorologique national)

The National Weather Service protects the life and property of all Americans during hazardous weather events, regardless of where they were born or what language they speak. To reach the 22% of U.S. residents that speak a language other than English at home, NWS requires the highest possible translation accuracy and ability to instantly translate weather products into multiple languages, including languages NWS had not previously supported. 

Une solution dynamique et adaptative

LILT’s neural translation software learns in real-time from NWS forecaster input. Our CAT tool provides translation suggestions, which linguists can approve or edit. The adaptive system learns from corrections and incorporates feedback in future translations. This innovative technology allows linguists to translate more quickly without sacrificing quality and enables organizations to scale adapted models for more accurate machine translation.

[Notre projet avec Lilt] applique l'automatisation pour gagner en efficacité en termes de délais de traduction tout en réduisant le fardeau de la traduction pour notre personnel, en particulier lors des événements météorologiques dangereux et critiques.

Monica Bozeman

Lead de traduction linguistique automatisée

Faster Weather Report Publication

In dangerous weather situations, every second counts. LILT’s adaptive translation engine is continuously learning agency-specific terminology and using NWS linguist activity to improve translation velocity. With LILT, NWS translations that previously would have taken hours will take minutes.

Moins de risque de fausses traductions

A translation error in emergency weather alerts could have severe human consequences. To ensure the highest possible accuracy, NWS linguists work directly in the LILT platform, reviewing and approving predictive translation recommendations. The resulting adapted memories also enable higher accuracy for fully automated workflows.

Outils pour rationaliser la traduction

NWS linguists rely on the LILT translator platform to make checking and editing weather products easier. Our intuitively designed, AI-powered platform removes manual and redundant steps, so linguists can focus where their skills are most needed.

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