Streamline your localization workflow with the Braze Connector

Automate content transfer directly from Braze to LILT and back for a seamless, high-quality localization at a lower cost.

Scale your global customer experience
Scale your global customer experience

LILT's native integration with Braze automates import, export and reformatting process. This saves you time on manual and error-prone tasks, enabling you to scale your customer engagement globally.

Once your content is ready, LILT automatically scans and schedules the verified translation job to LILT, enabling you to track translation progress and accept finished translations to publish directly within Braze.


Braze + LILT are better together

Simplify localization

Lilt's seamless integration helps you save time and speed up translation, so you can focus on other aspects of your global customer experience.

Make translation effortless

Skip the hassle of manually transferring and reformatting content by using the LILT-Braze Connector.

Mettre à jour les informations facilement

Grâce au connecteur de Lilt, vous pouvez configurer la traduction automatique. Par conséquent, vous n’avez pas à vous soucier de nous envoyer de nouveaux contenus à traduire.

Quality without compromise

Ensure the translated content in your store is perfect with LILT Verified Translation's quality guarantee.

Atteignez des clients mondiaux dès aujourd'hui avec Lilt