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Revolutionary Productivity Features

You won't find these features in any other translation platform

Lilt is a cloud-based computer-aided translation platform that boosts productivity, is easy to learn, runs on all operating systems, and puts privacy first.

Predictive Typing

Lilt generates next-word alternatives and full translation completions every time you type a word so you can translate faster than ever before. No configuration required!

Interactive, Adaptive Machine Translation

Machine translation works best when tailored to your style and domain, but training a custom MT system requires time and expertise. No more. Lilt updates its translation memory and MT system in less than a second every time you confirm a segment. Watch it learn while you work.

Automatic Tag Placement

Tags are annoying. You're a translator, not a web developer or graphic designer. With Lilt, you just enter your translation without worrying about the tags. Lilt inserts tags into the target for you, and you can verify the tag boundaries as part of your normal review pass.

Built-in Termbase

Linguee and MultiTerm are great, but they either require you to curate data or they return unranked results. Lilt has an extensive, built-in termbase and concordance that updates while you work. Results are automatically ranked according to the source segment.

Change is hard. We know.

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