Seamless localization with our Episerver connector

Optimize your localization workflow by translating content directly from inside your preferred CMS.


Access translation at home

Lilt's native integration with Episerver makes it easy for you to request translations from right within the tool you use to create content.

The Episerver connector also allows you to automatically send new or updated content directly to Lilt to be translated all within the Episerver CMS.

When translation is complete, Lilt's Episerver connector sends the translated content right back into Episerver, ready for viewing and publishing

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Accelerate your localization

Lilt's seamless integrations help you save time and speed up translation so you can focus on creating new content and products.

Data Backup

Make translation effortless

You can skip the hassle of manually transferring content to be translated by using Lilt's Episerver connector.

Data Ownership

Update information conveniently

Lilt's connector lets you set up automatic translation so you don't have to worry about sending us new content to translate.

Get started with Lilt today.