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Global communications
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Improving global customer experiences through increased localization efficiency

Global Communications Firm increases translator efficiency and improves turnaround times with Lilt
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1,001 - 5,000

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Why Lilt?

Looking to save time and increase localization efficiency to improve customer experience.


More productive translators led to increased localization efficiency, higher translation quality, and easily managed workflows.


Navigating what has become an extremely interconnected world is a key challenge businesses face today. As companies expand from growing disruptors and mid-market companies to enterprise giants, it’s critical for them to build an underlying mission to drive growth. However, in a world that’s more global than ever before, it’s become even more important for them to effectively share their story, mission, and purpose while understanding the complexities of the business world.

One of the world’s largest Global Communications Firms is built to help its clients plan for and share their stories in a meaningful way. Whether a company is dealing with financial situations and IPOs to social challenges or regulatory and political issues, clients rely on this company for insight, advice, planning, preparedness and campaigns. 

“We focus on helping our clients on business-critical issues that impact their businesses locally and overseas, and help build trusted relationships with stakeholders across the interconnected financial, political and social worlds,” said a Team Lead at Global Communications Firm.

A Global Advisory Strategy

Because they’re an international company helping global partners, language is a vital piece of their strategy, both for their success and for the success of their customers. As their clients work in all different regions and locales, this Global Communications Firm provides strategy and advice for businesses operating in those areas.

“For us, localization is crucial. We have numerous clients with bilingual needs for their communication collateral. These clients span across a variety of sectors and work across a wide range of locales, so quick and accurate translation is vital to us helping them,” the Team Lead said.

Since their main purpose is to help companies identify challenges and risks and plan for future opportunities, language translation has become an integral part of building a truly global experience for all of their clients. The localization team in Asia-Pacific drives this global experience, with a dedicated team of in-house linguists and project managers who are fully focused on helping this Global Communications Firm deliver this for its customers.

Running Into Problems

An important part of their strategy is to provide highly effective strategies and campaigns to its clients quickly. But their localization workflow was too time consuming, especially when it came to repetitive, high volume content such as contracts, announcements, and earnings briefs.

“Since we frequently translate repetitive materials, it became clear that our translation workflow was slowing us down. Our linguists were spending too much time re-translating similar content over and over again, which could easily delay delivery to our clients,” said a Translation Manager at the Global Communications Firm.

With large volumes of repetitive content, the team was forced to spend the majority of their time re-translating similar content rather than working on the more challenging, strategic projects and initiatives.

A New Opportunity Arises

After struggling with their challenging localization workflows, the team at this Global Communications Firm realized that it was time to start looking for a new solution. That’s when they discovered Lilt.

“We needed a solution that would help more teams meet their translation needs and ease the workload that typically came with our localization workflow. That’s when a colleague recommended Lilt,” said the Team Lead.

Transitioning to the Lilt Platform, their linguists and project managers began translating content, managing localization workflows, and collaborating in one centralized place. Using Lilt Translate, linguists become more productive over time, as the adaptive machine translation system learns and makes better suggestions as they work.

Now, instead of dealing with time-consuming processes and potentially slowed delivery times, the Global Communications Firm team is able to manage its localization workflows more efficiently than ever.

“Since we’ve started to work with Lilt and have been taking advantage of its technologies, the consistency in translation quality and the speed at which we complete projects has improved substantially,” said the Team Lead. “Not only does that allow our linguists to hit target goals and easily track metrics, it makes our customers’ experiences better as we can more accurately estimate turnaround time and provide higher quality content."

Since working with Lilt, the consistency in translation quality and the speed at which we complete projects has improved substantially - helping us deliver a better customer experience.

Team Lead

Global Communications Firm

Looking at Future Success

As the world continues to become more interconnected and more digital, this Global Communications Firm’s core responsibilities are only becoming more vital to the success of its clients.

In the near future, the number of projects are expected to increase from both new and existing clients. For the localization team, however, it’s an exciting future to look forward to. “We want to take on more projects and continue to focus on helping more customers. Working with Lilt has enabled us to take a huge step in that direction towards our future goals,” said the Translation Manager.

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