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About Lilt

We make translation faster and more cost-effective

We started Lilt to increase information access. Human translators can guarantee quality, but are comparatively slow and expensive. Machine translation is fast and cheap, but quality ranges from surprisingly good to comically bad. Somewhere between these two extremes is a human+machine partnership that can produce good translation quickly. That's Lilt.

Co-founders John DeNero and Spence Green met while working on Google Translate during the summer of 2011. They believed that better machine assistance could make translation more enjoyable for translators and more available for those who seek information. By 2014 a research prototype of an interactive, machine-assisted translation system called Predictive Translation Memory had been built. Lilt was incorporated in March 2015 with the mission of making fast, high-quality translation available to everyone.



Change is hard. We know.

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